# FKR054-A Pierre Raph REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE Tracklist
    Requiem for a Vampire O.S.T. by Pierre Raph

  1. Château d'eau - Pierre Raph
  2. Sad Clowns In The Cornfield -Pierre Raph  mp3
  3. Jade Lake - Pierre Raph
  4. Crimson Pond - Pierre Raph
  5. Jaded Cottage - Pierre Raph
  6. Frollicks In The Forest - Pierre Raph
  7. Corynorhinus Townsendii - Pierre Raph
  8. Murs Du Château - Pierre Raph
  9. Dominiques Organ - Pierre Raph  mp3
  10. Dominiques Steps - Pierre Raph
  11. Batterie Field - Pierre Raph
  12. Jade Vampyre - Pierre Raph
  13. Dominiques Victim - Pierre Raph
  14. Crotch Batterie - Pierre Raph
  15. Diabolical - Pierre Raph  mp3
  16. Frollicks In The Fortress - Pierre Raph
  17. Crimson Gates - Pierre Raph
  18. Steps To Eternal Youth - Pierre Raph

Having previously provided music for an under the counter Rollin sex film called Jeunes Filles Impudiques the obscure Pierre Raph;s energetic drum and organ based soundtrack for Requiem Pour Un Vampire from 1972 earns its place around the feet of other French Horrotica soundtracks like Francois De Roubaix’s Levre Rogues or British soundtracks to Psychomania by library music ensemble Frog. A perfect sister record to the soundtrack to Rollin’s own Les Frisson Des Vampires by the short lived Acanthus - whom Pierre Raph promptly replaced (emerging from the same Parisian publishing company) for this freak rock ridden follow-up.