># BMS033 Fusioon ABSOLUTE FUSIOON Tracklist
  1. Dialogos
  2. Cyclos  mp3
  3. Ya Se Van Los Pastores
  4. Farsa Del Buen Vivir  mp3
  5. No Hay Habitacion  mp3
  6. Negra Sombra
  7. Tocata Y fug  mp3
  8. Contraste
  9. Danza De Molinero
  10. Rondo Y Final
  11. Fusioon Rapsodia
  12. Tritons Conclusion

"Who can ignore a band with a name this blatant? An epic soundtrack when Spain was adjusting to a new political era, with it's own Catalan swagger." Prefuse 73 (Savath y Savalas).

"Imagine a Spanish merging of Soft Machine & Egg..". Godsy / Cherrystones.

From the foundations of the Catalonian rock Laieta movement. An uber-legendary exponent of Ibizas' 1970 psychedelic club scene. An essential for fans of freak funk and symphonic jazz rock with no egg-ception. Imagine a Spanish mutation somewhere between Goblin and The Stark Reality. Featuring tracks from the cosmic studio of Jose Llobell (Enterprise / Oliver's Planet).

Snap it up while you can ... an Absolute Belter.