buy this now BMS008 Various Artists BEARDED LADIES (VOLUME ONE) Tracklist
  1. Speck Mountain - Hey-Moon
  2. Wendy and Bonnie - Paisley Window Pane
  3. Magpahi - Horses
  4. Emma Tricca - Martin and Me  mp3
  5. Selda - Gesi Baglari
  6. Lispector - Peachtree Street  mp3
  7. Turid - Lat Mig Se Dig
  8. Heather Jones - Coli Laith
  9. Lights - Branches Low  mp3
  10. Susan Christie - Rainy Day
  11. Jane Weaver - All These Rivers mp3
  12. Brigitte Fontaine - Le Goudron  mp3
  13. Heaven and Earth - Refuge
  14. Cate Le Bon - Disappear

Effervescent songbird Jane Weaver has joined forces with Finders Keepers to produce a B-Music certified canon of femme-folk, laden with finger picked meandering melodies, ethereal harmonies and wistful psychedelic leanings.

This bespoke globe-trotting decade spanning collection traces a line between the acid soaked protest rumblings of yesteryear and the forward looking/backward facing revivalists of today, as luminaries such as Wendy & Bonnie, Bonnie Dobson, Heather Jones and Susan Christie rub shoulders with the current cream of female songsmithery including Emma Tricca, Magphai, and Cate Le Bon.